Thank you for visiting my website, for your interest in the future of our great State and
wanting to be more informed about those running to represent your values in Maryland House of Delegates District 33. Over the past 18 months I have knocked on thousands of doors across our district and I have had the pleasure of becoming more knowledgeable on the values that are important to you and your neighbors.

As a fiscal conservative, I believe in living within your means, lowering taxes and fees, and reducing government. I hope to carry on the District 33 tradition of Republican advocates like Cathy Vitale and Ed Reilly. During the last two elections, the voters agreed with my conservative economic platform and elected me to serve on our County Council. As a councilmember I introduced and passed the FIRST income tax reduction in the HISTORY of charter government. I also consistently supported budgets that stayed within the confines of the Property Tax Cap mandated by the citizens. While on the council I supported the largest fee cut in county history and I eliminated $600 million in long term liability from the county financial statements.

Today, without hesitation, I remain committed to tax relief and putting money back into the pockets of hard-working citizens for the hope of investing in our economy and their future. My dedication to getting government out of the way and making decisions based on principles are common sense and produce real results. My name is Jerry Walker, and I respectfully ask for your vote to serve our district and represent our shared Republican values.

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