Taxes, Fees, & Debt

As a County Councilman I voted to cut property tax rates, income taxes and fees, to lower the cumulative tax burden on our citizens. I also recently sponsored a resolution calling on our current County Executive to lower the property tax rates in the 2018 budget. As your State Delegate I will continue to resist new taxes and will fight back against fee increases proposed by the liberal legislature.


Property Taxes

I have voted in favor of four property tax rate cuts during my two terms on the county council. The voter imposed property tax cap has protected county residents from dramatic increases during the real estate bubble. More importantly, it has allowed for our property taxes to be the lowest of the largest jurisdictions in Maryland. I believe it provides a check and balance on the growth of County government, forcing it to live within its means under the provisions outlined by the cap. As your State Delegate I will support the property tax cap and commit to ensuring it is not changed or removed.

Income Taxes

As a councilman, I introduced and successfully passed the first income tax cut since 1964 (the formation of charter government). In 2011, I sponsored Bill 50-11 to lower the income tax rate and in 2015 voted a second time to support an income tax reduction for county residents. These cuts returned over $10 million in annual tax revenue to the citizens of Anne Arundel County and currently our rate is lower than every other county in Maryland except two. As your state Delegate I will continue to support lowering income taxes and returning more of your hard earned income.


As a councilman I have a record of voting against fee increases, including the hotel room tax, the trash collection fee, and the capital facility connection charges. I supported the largest fee cut in county history and lead the charge to lower county water rates. As your Delegate I will support efforts to make sure that fees are not increased arbitrarily or automatically and that they are in alignment with the cost of the services provided.


Resolution’s 34-15 & 44-16 were introduced by the Republican County Executive to raise the county debt ceiling and expand our borrowing capacity by 64%. I was the only Republican to vote against the legislation. The legislation approved longer payment terms (30 years instead of 20) which increases interest paid, and it raised the debt capacity by allowing for more debt per taxpayer. As your Delegate I will push back against increasing debt on future generations. We must provide quality roads, and amenities for our residents but not in a manner that financially straps the state or local jurisdictions.

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