Immigrants have entered our country since its founding because America has always been the shining city on a hill that President Reagan referred to in his speeches. The U.S. has welcomed millions of new residents and they entered via a legal process spelled out in our laws.

My great-grandfather immigrated to the United States (U.S) in the early 1900′s from Greece through New York City’s historic Ellis Island . He arrived with less than $20, but he waited in line and filled out the proper paperwork. At the time of his passing he left behind an entrepreneurial legacy having built and sold multiple businesses.

I appreciate why people want to live in the greatest country on earth, but I firmly believe they must immigrate through proper channels. By allowing illegal immigrants the benefits of living in our country we are creating a financial burden on our schools, hospitals, and economy and we are undermining the process for legal immigration. America is viewed as the land of opportunity and as your State Delegate I understand the desire to create a better life but I will protect the rules and ensure no one is exempted from these rules by giving them sanctuary status.

Jerry's Greek Great-Grandfather

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