Maryland’s economy is recovering but as your State Delegate I will continue to lower the overall tax burden on our citizens while lowering spending to ensure a balanced budget.

For the past 21 years I have worked for a small business, so I know firsthand the struggles of a local business. In fact, one of the primary reasons I ran for office was to be a voice for the business community.

Maryland continues to struggle retaining companies and fighting the perception of being anti-business. During the past seven years on the County Council I have fought to improve the business climate in our corner of the state and as your State Delegate I will fight for our business community.

My Record:

  1. Our South County farms are small businesses and I introduced legislation to remove restrictions on their ability to build barns and farm structures on their property
  2. Fought to reduce regulation on the vineyards in our county.
  3. Introduced amendments to the Rain Tax bill to cap the tax for businesses
  4. Changed county code to improve flexibility of tenant uses for owners of commercial
  5. Introduced a bill to permit craft breweries on both commercial and farm property in our county

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