Born in Greenville, South Carolina Jerry’s family moved to New York City in his first year. Raised in New York City until adulthood, Jerry has a fond appreciation for the arts (museums, opera, concerts), a wide variety of ethnic foods, diverse people, and famous landmarks. Ellis Island has particular significance because Jerry’s great-grandfather immigrated through this facility from Greece to the U.S. in the early 1900’s. After graduating high school, Jerry left New York to attend college working numerous jobs to pay for his schooling. Through these work opportunities Jerry discovered and developed his interpersonal skills, strategic business decision making, and entrepreneurial spirit. These talents were recognized by others and eventually culminated in a job opportunity which moved Jerry to Maryland in 1996. In 2000 Jerry married Michelle, an elementary school teacher who has taught in both private (Grace Christian School & Rockbridge Academy) and public (Crofton Woods Elementary) school settings. They currently live in Crofton with their son Andrew.


Jerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, Summa Cum Laude with a concentration in Economics from Liberty University. He recently completed his Masters Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy from American University. He began his business career working for Kinko’s while attending night school. Jerry worked his way to a manager’s position within the first six months of employment. In 1995, Jerry was recruited to work for a nationwide office equipment dealer on their sales team, and in 1996, he moved to Maryland to work for DCA Imaging Systems. At DCA, he was initially one of six employees and was instrumental in the growth and development of the company. Over the past 21 years, the DCA team has grown the company from six employees to over 55 and from $400K to over $10 million in annual revenue. Jerry is convinced we need more people with business experience involved in all levels of government which is one of the reasons he ran for public office. As Jerry goes door-to-door meeting constituents, friends, and neighbors, he shares with all that he has sat behind a business checkbook, he knows what it is like to pay bills, make payroll, and create jobs. This experience is what we need in government as we continue to solve the difficult economic decisions the next Delegate from District 33 will be forced to handle. Jerry believes the key to the future economic success of Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland is for government to reduce its size, eliminate over-regulation, and keep taxes low for the people and businesses that call Anne Arundel County home.


In 2001, at the age of 27 Jerry was not registered to vote and had largely ignored politics. He read a book entitled “Christianity and the Constitution”. The author, a law school professor, explained how the founders struggled to “formulate a system of government powerful enough to prevent anarchy but appropriately restricted to prevent tyranny”. The book demonstrated the connection between the founding fathers’ religious convictions and how those beliefs were woven throughout our founding documents. Over the past 17 years, Jerry has worked to help other candidates in their campaigns for office in addition to serving one term on the Republican party leadership and two terms on the Anne Arundel County Council.

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